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Journalists Protest Restrictions on Their Access to Parliament

Parliament tightens media coverage in their premises resulted protest meet of Journalist at Press Club of India. All media personnel are scheduled to meet at Press Club of India, today; at cut force on journalists to cover parliament. As journalists found it unjust restriction imposed towards the coverage of parliament proceedings, Press Club of India a media professional’s organization has announced protest meet. Because the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020 journalists due to pandemic were restricted by Centre to access media galleries in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the Central Hall.

Reacting towards media freedom, the journalists took a decision to raise their voice through protest meet today at 1pm by gathering around the premises of Press Club of India. Press Club of India, Delhi Union of Journalists and other media organizations drafted a letter stating the subject of the protest along with their demands.

Letter published on Twitter carrying demands mentioned below;

  • Reinstate journalists with permanent entry passes to the Parliament complex and Press Gallery.
  • Decision taken by Lok Sabha, Hon’ble Speaker, in July 2021 of allowing journalists with permanent passes in Parliament to be implemented.
  • Veteran journalists entry should be reinstate in Central Hall of Parliament.
  • Due to senior and veteran journalist long services in profession, give them the mark of honor and reinstate L&D category.
  • Reassemble Press Advisory Committee quickly.
  • For journalists carrying out their professional duties/responsibilities, restrictions made damage and difficulties which also lead to great deduction in the union, the letter further states time, date and venue of protest meet.
Another Tweet by Press Club of India

The arrival of journalists in Parliament is managed via “lottery system” in great democracy of the world. This has become a tactic to inspect channeling of news and information to people. Which is extremely threatening tendency in a parliamentary democracy like India.

An open letter has addressed to the leaders of all political parties in Parliament by significant journalist council on November 27th regarding protest for restrictions of media in Parliament. The letter pointed that public places like malls, restaurants and cinema halls are reopened, hence no restrain require any more.

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury Congress leader, Lok Sabha while understanding this agrees to allow media to press gallery of parliament and stop restrictions. He has communicated through letter to the Speaker Om Birla on Sunday, November 28 addressing concern and danger of seclusion.

Due to termination of Covid restrictions malls, restaurants, cinema halls, market and other public places are reopened which is noted in letter to speaker. But restrictions applied on media personnel’s to cover parliament proceedings during pandemic are still on.