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National Press Club

National Press Club has been established by Educational Media Research Society (A society registered under Societies Registration Act XX1). National Press Club is an off shoot of Educational Media Research Society (EMRS) established in 2004.

The club is located in the heart of South Delhi, inside the Shopping Arcade, The Surya National Press Club is India’s leading professional organizations for Journalism and Mass Media. It serves its members through professional development activities that enhance the journalistic skills through services that meet the diversified needs of Journalism and Mass Media. NPC is committed towards freedom of press worldwide.

The basic aim of the club is to work for the welfare of journalists, Associate professionals and academicians in the respective field. The club also aims to honor working professionals in the field of journalism, for investigative, development and breakthrough journalism.

The idea to set up the Press Club was initiated to make sure that working professionals in the field of journalism and Mass Media have a meeting point where they can come together and discuss important national and international issues.

National Press Club is a place where journalists, publishers, communication professionals, Academicians, Political Scientists, Social scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and Business tycoons meet and contribute their views, ideas and experiences. NPC aims to provide freedom of press for promoting open, transparent and democratic journalism and Mass Media.


NPC aims to build a Global Village for Journalism. Its aim is to bring Journalist, Associated Professionals, and Mass Media institutions under the umbrella of NPC in order to train them for better Journalistic ethics and healthy democracy. With the world becoming a global village the concepts like citizen journalist, development journalism, and social media platforms has acquired new meanings. In the context of these concepts the NPC aims to act as a bridge between unorganized rural based media persons and give them training on journalistic ethics as well as update them on technological requirements of the field.

The basic aim is to give a vibrant environment to working professionals where they can learn and contribute to each others in a positive and healthy manner.

The Press Club will work as a focal point for all field related queries and will organize functions and workshops to enhance the journalistic capability of amateur media workers.

In keeping with the standards of journalistic ethics along with social responsibility theory, the club will emphasize on journalists working as a link between the society and the government.

The club will also focus on lauding individual as well as organizational efforts in the field of Mass Communication, in the form of NPC Awards.