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National Press Club Activities

A meeting point for journalists, Press Club is the best place for you if you are a part of the journalism community. National Press Club is one of the esteemed clubs of its kind in the country.

The National Press Club is an organization working to enhance the professional activities of members. The Association supports the principle of a free press operating without restrictions and focus on activities that encourage and train the members for maintaining high standards of journalism. The club also provides its members a conductive social environment that allows the free flow of ideas and facilities to assist in providing information and analysis to the wider public. The “press”, broadly defined, has become increasingly complex, competitive and stressful for its people in an age of ever-evolving technology. Press clubs provide meeting points where many of the challenging pressures can be considered and, where possible, resolved to the best advantage of all.

The scale of activities and variety of resources between members of the National Press Club varies considerably but the association aims to bridge those differences through the exchange of information, assistance with meetings and conferences, and combined efforts to address problems rampant in the field of journalism.

The association supports the efforts of many special organizations and journalists working for free speech, open government, the protection of press and the maintenance of high moral standards. It also supports the development of more press clubs and similar forums in jurisdictions where they are currently not permitted or operate with difficulty. The basic aim is to encourage all efforts to increase public awareness and social development around the world and to ensure a free and flourishing media alongside a fair and democratic government.


1. To protect and preserve the legal and constitutional rights of journalist members through reasonable and justified means.

2. To provide members, means of professional, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities and to establish, maintain and conduct a Club for the use and benefit of members as well as their, their families and guests.

3. To give awards for path breaking journalism stories.

4. To provide, as may be feasible and convenient, facilities such as reading room, library, health club, gym, community hall/center etc for the use of members.

5. To establish and/or support institutions and activities designed for training of working journalists and advancement of their professional skill and equipment.

6. To provide, to the extent feasible, facilities for holding press conferences, meetings, convention and activities of professional interest.

7. To promote and/or finance on its own or in co-operation with other institutions project for the education and training of journalists, by way of grants, awards, scholarships and such other means.

8. To provide relief to ordinary and honorary members and/or their families in indigent circumstances.

9. To give information on upcoming events and briefing.

10. Periodic news release on the website.

11. Press club exhibitions on term basis.